Chef Jason Heiselman
Chef Jason Heiselman
Executive Chef Senior, Restaurant Associates


Specialities & Services

Menu Creation & Consultation

Rates Vary, inquire for a quote 

Menu Creation

Jason and his team can create a curated menu tailored specifically to the clients vision.  Jason has created thousands of menus where none two are the same and all carefully balanced with seasonality, allergens, cost, and nutrition.  Our menus are geared towards a curated, boutique feel - not the typical large batch chain-restaurant menus.  These menus are completely custom, unique and truly special.  Aside from full menu curation, we can also help with:

  • Creative menu design

  • Glassware selection

  • Plateware selection

  • Recipe documentation (prep & assembly)

  • Sustainable packaging recommendations

  • Local vendor recommendations

  • Cost/pricing

Menu Consultation 

If you already have an established menu, but desire a more curated feel to increase efficiencies, a menu consultation might be just what you need.  This can help increase sales and reduce costs considerably to ensure guest satisfaction.  There are very basic techniques such as employing a tiered menu strategy to drive profitability.  

For this option, we can provide: 

  • Design revisions

  • Testing/Analysis

  • Reviews and approvals

  • Costing/menu pricing


Pop-up Events 

Rates starting at $100/person

Pop-up culinary events are a great way to bring a group of people together to enjoy the latest seasonal cuisine.  Tailored to your specific group of people and location, Chef Jason will  create an enchanting experience through the world of culinary for one magical night.  

  • Concept (Ingredients & location)

  • Full menu - all courses

  • Format creation (Banquet, family style, seated)

  • Decor integration


Private Event Catering

Rates starting at $500

Chef Jason can curate an extraordinary and upscale in-home catering experience for a group of people ranging from 2-20 people.  Together, you can customize your perfect menu to indulge in and enjoy a truly charming evening your guests will never forget.  

  • Menu design & concept

  • Format creation (Banquet, family style, seated)

  • Cost/pricing

  • Sample menus available on request