Chef Jason Heiselman
Chef Jason Heiselman
Executive Chef Senior, Restaurant Associates

Chef Life 

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Jason grew up in Warwick Valley, just an hour outside New York City and has had a passion for food since he was a young child.  Growing up with two Sicilian grandparents, Jason learned at an early age the importance of fresh, home grown ingredients emulating the farm to table concept.  He has a flare and love for all cuisines but has a special appreciation for the influences of the Mediterranean, using a veg forward mindset while always incorporating fresh herbs picked straight from the garden.  

In terms of sustainability and food conservation, Jason has been doing his part to participate in the zero waste movement utilizing all possible components.  As the consumer becomes more educated in the culinary world, it is the chefs responsibility to procure and prepare ingredients so the consumer has full transparency from start to finish. Jason's preferred sources are commonly procured from locally grown, sustainable, environmentally ethical vendors to maintain a higher quality standard and support local communities when possible.



Jason has a diverse culinary background, graduating from the esteemed Culinary Institute of America, he immediately jumped into the New York City restaurant scene, becoming the Chef de Cuisine at Jane restaurant at the age of 23.  From there, Jason decided to explore the corporate sector of culinary, joining Restaurant Associates in 2010 and making a home there ever since.  Jason’s experience ranges from full scale event planning and coordination while incorporating a visceral connection between the food and theme.  Curating menus has been a large part Jason's current role where no two meals or menus are ever repeated.  Custom menus are created seasonally with a golden thread connecting it effortlessly to the occasion.